Teddy Bears & England

Posted by Pam on Apr 8th 2019

Teddy Bears & England

For my twenty-first birthday, I went to England. As all teddy bear lovers can understand, I took along my favorite teddy bear, Cinnamon. Not sure why, but instead of leaving Cinnamon in the hotel room, he tagged along in my back pack.

One day, I went to tour Henry VIII’s palace, Hampton Court. As I went through security, I forgot all about Cinnamon in the back pack. The guard asked me to open my bags for inspection. I handed my bags over. The guard reached into my back pack and pulled Cinnamon out then proceeded to ask me, “Who is this little Chap?” After Cinnamon was frisked, he was handed back to me. I was a bit embarrassed.

Years later, I was visiting Brighton, England. This is where I first discovered jointed, mohair teddy bears. I fell in love. However, I did not have the funds at that time in my life to purchase one of these fabulous English teddy. The seed was now planted. I had to have one of these teddy bears once I could afford it.

Years later, again I traveled to England, but this time I was at a point where I could afford an English Teddy Bear. I headed to a delightful shop and purchased my first jointed bear.

Several years later, I was visited the town of Oxford and I came upon another shop. This shop sold teddy bear accessories. They had delightful little bow ties made for teddy bears. Well, I had to purchase a bow tie for Cinnamon. He looked so dapper in his tie. He still wears his bow tie to this day.

To me, England has become synonymous with teddy bears. I can not make a trip without purchasing something to do with teddy bears. Whether it is a new bear, or some bear accessories or a Harrod’s shopping bag with this cute little Harrod’s bear, teddy bears have become my souvenir of choose when visiting England. Cheerio!