About Us

Biffy & Bo Teddy Bear Shoppe, Luxury Teddy BearsI have had a love of teddy bears for as long as I can remember. My first bear was Cinnamon, a dime store teddy bear, which my grandmother gave to me when I was three. I still remember my grandmother handing me my new bear. Many decades later, Cinnamon is still with me. He has shared my trials and tribulations. When I am down, he can can still bring a smile to my face. 

Through the years, I have added many teddy bears to my collection. As an adult I began to collect Steiff Teddy Bears. I love the jointed, mohair teddy bears. 

My daughters, Biffy & Bo, have inherited my love of teddy bears. Their bears Nosa and CoCo are their constant companions. They have begun to start their own collections of jointed Teddy Bears. 

Because of love for teddy bears, we decided to expand our current import business Merchant of Prato and start selling English & German teddy bears. These fit in nicely with our other high-end products such as Henriot Quimper Pottery, Italian Ceramics, Souleo Provence Pottery & Lady Clare Placemats.

We hope you enjoy Biffy & Bo Teddy Bear Shoppe. We look forward to sharing our love of teddy bears with you!

Pam, Biffy & Bo